Afar Region

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The Afar National Regional State is one the regional states in the country with 95265.67 square kilometres area and an estimated population of 1,358,994. Out of the total population about 91.1% live in the rural Pastoral and agro pastoral areas while the remaining 8.9% live in the urban areas.
The region endowed with high number of livestock resources which are estimated to be 10,107,000 animals. Out of the total number of livestock in the region 2,463,632 are Sheep, 4,267,969 are Goats, 2,336,483 are Cattle, 2,336,483 are Camels and 187,287 are Equine.
The average annual rainfall ranges from 80 t0 700mm with an annual average temperature of 25 and 40 degree centigrade in high and low altitude areas of the region respectively.


PCDP-III Afar Region  Project Woredas


  Zone One Zone Two Zone Three Zone Four Zone Five
1 Asayta Abala. Awash 7 Teru Dewe
2 Mile Megale Dulessa Uwa Hadeleala
3 Chifira Berahile Amibara   Semurobi
4 Adear Dalol Buremudaitu   Yalo
5 Elidear Afdera      
6 Kori Erebti      
7   Bedu      



PCDP III Afar Rewgion Prioratized Kebeles






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