Community Level

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Community Level Structures

Community Project Management Committee (CPMC)

Roles and Responsibilities


• KDC representative
• Extension Workers/ CAHW/CHEW (one)
• Women representatives (two)
• Elders/clan representatives (two)
• Youth representative (one)

The committee elects its chair person

The extension worker can serve as a secretary of the committee

Meets Weekly


  • o Ensure that all social group interests in the community including gender, disabled and minority groups are addressed

    o Ensure the proper utilization of resources allocated for community sub projects


  • • Identify the community problems and prioritize project idea in their respective community according to selection guidelines and local community knowledge
    • Keeps e the minutes and list of participants in the general meeting of the community
    • Prepare project proposal with the technical support from concerned experts and submit to KDC
    • Ensure the proper management of project budget disbursed from the woreda to the community for the implementation of approved project
    • Ensure in kind and cash contribution of beneficiary communities on the required quantity, quality and time
    • Monitor periodically the project activities to ensure that they are undertaken as planned
    • Sign financing agreement with concerned parties
    • Ensure the ownership of the community and device maintenance mechanisms for the sustainability of implemented sub projects
    • Manage the sub project budget and resources allocated to and contributed by the community
    • Procure construction materials and labor for the sub project following the guideline
    • Submit periodic reports on the progress of the sub project to the beneficiary community and the KDC
    • Effect payments for project expenditures and keep financial records properly
    • Establish compliant redressal system



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