Community-Driven Development (CDD) Approach

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Guiding Principles and Concepts

The PCDP design is based on the assumption that pastoral livelihoods can be improved by strengthening the self-management capacities of indigenous institutions found within communities, giving them control of decisions and resources during all stages of the local sub project cycle. This approach is built around a suite of three separate, but complementary methodologies that will underpin the PCDP development approach.

Community-Driven Development (CDD) Approach: is used to empower communities in order to articulate local priorities and to allocate and manage development resources.

CDD helps ensure local ownership and sustainability of Project interventions as well as the management of their own investment funds, communities will participate directly in disaster preparedness planning and the development of support services at the kebele and woreda levels. Successful introduction of CDD principles will require a substantive change in attitude and way of operating within government services. The success of the PCDP’s core programs also depends on strong community-based organizations.



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