Institutional Arrangement

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Institutional Arrangement
Pastoral Community Development Project (PCDP) is a project running under the Ministry of Federal Affairs (MoFA). The Ministry of Federal Affairs (MoFA) therefore has an overall responsibility for the implementation and coordination of the project at higher level. In deed whenever MoFA finds it necessary it can organize meetings to consult the inter-ministerial board (IMB) member ministries and other stakeholders to discuss integration of activities and other issues on pastoral development.
At federal level the Federal Project Coordination Unit (FPCU), which is a semi-autonomous entity and based in Addis Ababa, will be tasked with the following responsibilities:
i) Coordination of project activities at the federal level,
ii) Fiduciary obligations;
iii) liaison with stakeholders;
iv) Project communication;
v) Aggregate project monitoring;
vi)Capacity building and technical backstopping. And
vii) Institutional support for integration

At region level, the institutional arrangement as well as the responsibilities of PCDP will be similar to that of the federal one. Accordingly, at region level Pastoral Development Coordination Bureaus/Commissions (PDB/C) and at woreda level Pastoral Development Coordination Offices (PDOs) will oversee project implementation and coordination at the regional and woreda level, respectively.

Regions will establish Regional PCDP Steering Committees which provide overall advice to ensure the proper implementation of the PCDP including its integration with other development interventions in their respective regions.




• MoFA

• Regional Steering Committee
• Regional PDB/C
• Regional DPFS
• Regional Coop. Agency

• Woreda Development Committee
• Woreda PDO
• Woreda Sector Offices



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