Kebele Level Structure

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Kebele Level Structure

kebele Development Committee (KDC)

Roles and Responsibilities


• Kebele chairperson (chair)
• Member of Kebele council
• Extension Workers/ CAHW/CHEW (at least two)
• Women representatives (two)
• Elders/clan representatives (two)

If extension workers are not available a teacher can also be a member of the committee.

The extension worker can serve as a secretary for the committee

Meets Bi Monthly


  • o Ensure that community priority needs are properly addressed in the selection of community sub projects.
    o Ensure that all social group interests including gender, disabled and minority groups are addressed
    o Ensure the proper utilization of resources allocated for community sub projects


  • Support the community to prepare community sub-project proposals based on community priorities
    • Aggregate prioritized community sub-projects with community members;
    • Submit community sub project proposals to the Woreda Development Council
    • Maintain minutes of KDC meetings on PCDP issues, Kebele PCDP activities and progress reports;
    • Participate in participatory monitoring and evaluation of PCDP activities;
    • Mobilize community contribution for the timely implementation sub projects
    • Control the proper utilization of community sub project resources
    • Sign financing agreement with PCDP and community
    • Establish compliant redressal system



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