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Project III Staffing
The total manpower requirement for PCDP III is 744, of which 576 are professionals, 11 with semiprofessional status and the remaining 157 are supporting staff. For the purpose of simplicity the status of project staffing in the reporting period can be described as follows
Staff at Federal Level
In PCDP III, at federal level, 29 posts approved for the FPCU, of which one project coordinator, 10 senior officers, 2 officers, 3 assistant officers and the remaining 13 are supporting staff. All positions filled except one archive and one driver.

Staff at Regional Levels (RPCUs)
The total manpower requirement in the four Regional Project Coordination Unit (RPCUs) is 106, of which four are project coordinators, 38 officers, 4 accountants, 8 assistant officers and the remaining 52 are supporting staff. According to the regional reports, all are filled except five positions (look at the table below).

Staff at Mobile Support Teams
The total manpower requirement for the established 30 mobile support team centers are 270, of which 180 are core staff with different professional backgrounds and the remaining 90 with supporting staff. As the regional reports show all are filled except a total of 13 different positions.

Project Woredas
At woreda level, woreda coordinator and a finance officer will be placed in the WoPD and WoFED, respectively to coordinate implementation, assure smooth flow of funds, monitor performance, and prepare timely and good quality reports (financial, procurement and performance on activities). A cooperative accountant and/or promoter will also be hired to support the woredas activities to promote pastoral SACCOs. Accordingly, in 113 project woredas, there will be a total of 339 staff to be recruited using the project fund.

During the second quarter, 19 staff were resigned and 32  new staff have been recruited. i.e.
Resigned Staff:

Newly recruited staff: