Oromia Region

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Oromia Region is one of the regions where PCDP is being implemented. The Region has a total land area of 363,136 square Kilometres and estimated population of about 26,908,340 (population and housing census 1996/97 G.C.). It occupies the largest surface area (34.4%) and the biggest population size (35%) of the country (Oromia Almanac bulletin, 2007). Of this extensive land mass of Oromia, the low land area of the region is occupied by pastoral and agro-pastoral communities having 152,170 square kilometres (PADs, Livestock production and marketing, 2004).
The pastoral and agro-pastoral communities are estimated about more than 4 millions that cover about 12-16% of the region total population. Concerning land mass and livestock resources, the production system covers about 42% and 30% of total landmass and livestock resource of the region, respectively (Oromia Food Security Coordination office, 2001).
The number of animals in the pastoral and agro-pastoral areas of the region is estimated to be 4.6 million Cattle, 0.8 million Sheep, 1.8 million Goats, and 0.8 million Camels.


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  Borena Zone Bale Zone Guji Zone W/Hararge Zone
  Dhas Dawe Qachan Girja Miyeso
  Dilo Dawe Sarar Goro Dola Hawi Gudina
  Dugda Dawa Gura Dhamole Liban Burqa Dhimtu
  Malka Soda Harana Buluq Saba Boru Chinkesan
  Moyale Laga Hidha Wadara  
  Taltale Dalo Mana Mayu Muluqe  
  Yaballo Mada Walabu Midhaga Tola  


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