Rural Livelihood Program (RLP)

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RLP is the second largest component of PCDP in the third phase. It is considred As one of the very impressing task of PCDP is it intervention in the Pastoral livelihood program to enable the pastoralist livelihood situations. The project has working in all the four regions in this program. To increase the awareness of households in the financial management in general and saving mobilization and credit management in particular, an intensive financial literacy campaign is highly important. Thus, so as to address this issue and conduct campaign in the coming fiscal years, in the first quarter of EFY 2008, the FPCU planned to adapt standardized financial literacy toolkits developed by FCA in to pastoral context. As a result, toolkits such as household asset building, savings, borrowing and debt management, financial services, risk management and insurance, Lij Biru and Yebiru Zafi (comic book), how to make my business, financial literacy campaign, facilitators guide and my place for saving are waiting for the endorsement officially.

RLP Toolkit


Establishment of new Pastoral SACCOs

During the reporting period, intensive awareness creation events on the importance of SACCOs, membership and savings were held at community level ahead of PaSACCOs establishment in all regions and respective woredas and kebelles proposed for SACCOs establishment.  In relation to this it was reported that 28,402 community participants were attended the awareness creation events. For More ....




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