Rationale of moving to PCDP III

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There are about 132 pastoral and agro-pastoral weredas in different regions of Ethiopia. Most of these weredas are located in very remote and marginalized areas of the country. They are characterized by poor social and economic infrastructures and services. Moreover, they are highly vulnerable to both natural and human induced disasters. The total population in these weredas is estimated to be 12-15 % of the country's total population.
With this understanding, the Government of Ethiopia is giving special attention for the development of these marginalized areas. So far, the various efforts made for the development of these areas is reflecting encouraging progress. Some 10 before PCDP has started contributing to the development of these areas of 32 weredas in the first phase, 55 weredas in the second phase and 113 weredas int the third phase.

The project has supporting the provision of social and economic services to the pastoral communities and contributed in creating job opportunities and diversifying their income. Above all it has made considerable contribution to empower communities to solve their problems by themselves. The key performance triggers for phase III were the following:
1. Coverage:

3. Need to deepen interventions

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