Community Driven Service Provision Component (CDSP)

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In the third phase of the fifteen-year PCDP, the Community Driven Service Provision (CDSP) is the largest component of the project, which consists of three sub components, i.e., Community Investment Fund (CIF), Institutionalizing the CDD Approach and Community Level Self-Monitoring & Learning. The achievements of the activities planned during the last six months and in the second quarter are presented as follows under each subcomponent.


Community Investment Fund (CIF) Sub-component

This subcomponent supports community sub-projects in targeted pastoral and agro-pastoral kebeles (sub-districts) to build demand-driven social and economic infrastructure. It provides investment funds that together with community contributions will helps to expand and improve service delivery. The sub-component comprises an investment fund and related technical support to promote broad participation and community decision-making in local development. Major activities planned in the reporting period are collection of in-kind community contribution, supply of desktop computers, printers, laptop computers, and USPs for woreda and MSTs, supply of vehicles for new MSTs, training and awareness creation workshops, completing subprojects planned in the quarter and oversee experiences sharing visit. The status of the planned activities is presented as follows.

i. Community contribution

  1. Community  cash  contribution

The total number of subprojects planned for 2008EFY was 782. However, the number of subprojects reduced to 777 as some sub projects were merged in Afar Region.
During the first quarter of the fiscal year, it was planned to collect from the community and deposit into project account Birr 34,820,489.36 community cash contribution for the implementation of 777 community subprojects. However, due to guidance given by FPCU, all regions deposited 98% of the planned community cash contribution into woreda project account during the fourth quarter of 2007 EFY. Accordingly, SNNPR and Oromia deposited 100% of the planned cash contribution, whereas, Afar and Somali deposited 90% and 99.9% of the planned cash contribution, respectively in 2007 EFY. Therefore, only Birr 718,243.56; of which Birr 16,577.90 in Somali and Birr 701,665.66 in Afar  was planned to be deposited by the respective community in the first quarter of 2008 EFY.
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