Wereda Level Structure

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Wereda Level Structure

Woreda Pastoral Development Office (PDO) Roles and Responsibilities

• The head of WPDO acts as secretary of WDC


• Houses the focal person of PCDP


  • o Ensure the integration of PCDP activities into the woreda pastoral development strategy


  • • Coordinate the different woreda sector offices involved in the implementation of PCDP financed projects;
    • Receive and review sub project prosal and monitoring reports from communities and or kebeles, and forward to the Woreda Development Committee;
    • Ensure provision of technical input from woreda sectoral offices to PCDP financed community sub-projects;
    • Submit periodic progress reports to the Woreda Development Committee, RPDB/C and RPCU
    • Maintain accurate records of community activities and beneficiaries
    • Ensure the proper management and mobilization of project resources in the woredas
    • Provide offices and other necessary support to PCDP focal person
    • Participate in monitoring and evaluation activities of PCDP sub projects
    • Follow up the implementation of agreed activities as per the MoU signed at federal and regional level
    • Assumes the usual financial responsibilities under the normal government financial system the region



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